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Welcome to UNISON, our Trade Union. We support and protect almost 1.3 million working people and offer a huge range of benefits to our members. We represent over 5,500 members in the Hull City Branch of UNISON and those employees engaged in delivering public services allied to the Council, in addition we have members in Further Education Colleges and the Community and Voluntary Sector within the East Riding of Yorkshire.

LGPS - sign the petition

Pension petition

Local Government Pension Scheme - Sign the Petition (15/07/11)

We request your help with a Parliamentary petition we set up about the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Over 86,000 people like you have already signed it. Please join them today, it takes just 30 seconds to do so. If we don’t get 100,000 signatures by September we will have missed the opportunity for a debate in the House of Commons

Please sign the petition here.

What’s the problem?

The government has announced plans to force individual Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds to invest in UK infrastructure projects. This is instead of direct government funding of important projects – even if it doesn’t give the best return for LGPS members’ pensions.

UNISON is not against LGPS funds investing in infrastructure, but we believe that investment decisions should be made by the fund managers and their members, not government ministers. Such a significant change to pension funds should be debated in Parliament.

Some five million people rely on the Local Government Pension Scheme to pay their pension. This is why UNISON has launched the petition calling for a parliamentary debate on the matter and is asking you to sign it today.

Even if you are not a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme, please take the time to sign this important petition. If this proposal does go ahead, it could have much wider implications for members of other pension schemes and could affect you and your own pension in the future.

Best wishes

John Cafferty


Latest news

Crisis in Labour - Meeting 7 July 2016 for APF members (29/06/16)

Dear Colleague

Crisis in Labour – Meeting 7 July 2016 for APF Members

A meeting has been arranged for APF Members on Thursday, 7 July 2016 @ 5.00 p.m. in the Conference Suite, UNISON Hull City Branch, Town Hall Chambers, 39 Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 2AG to discuss the above issue.

Professional standards for teaching assistants (29/06/16)

Advice for headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants, governing boards and employers

You can find it here...


Latest newsletter published (10/05/16)
Local Government Pay Offer - important note (02/05/16)

Dear Member

Please find attached the NJC bulletin.

Can I make it clear that your branch of UNISON after a ballot voted to reject the offer as did the Yorkshire and Humberside region.

This offer is in real terms a pay cut.

The governments offer such as it is further highlights how undervalued we are in the public sector.

As a branch we will continue to fight at a regional and national level to highlight the issue of pay.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Kennett
Branch Secretary


Final Agenda for 2016 AGM (29/02/16)
Further Education Pay 2016 (25/02/16)

FE Strike Feb 2016

College workers in England voted by 2 to 1 to go on strike on 24 February following a 0% pay ‘offer’.

College workers in England have been offered no pay rise, when many have lost the equivalent of more than £3,000 over the last five years because of inflation and pay restraint.

In a consultation UNISON members voted overwhelmingly to reject the employers’ offer of no pay rise and balloted for industrial action on pay.

Members voted by 2 to 1 in favour of strike action and by 4 to 1 in favour of action short of a strike.

The issue

College workers have had below-inflation pay deals for the last five years and some are as much as the equivalent of £3,000 worse off. This is a 17% cut in real terms since 2010.

UNISON wrote to individual colleges to ask for a better pay offer for staff

In a consultation, UNISON members overwhelmingly rejected the employers’ offer of no pay rise. So UNISON wrote to individual colleges giving them another chance, asking them to make a better local offer. Sadly only a small number made improved offers. More than half didn’t reply.

Members working in further education were balloted over industrial action on pay

UNISON took the tough decision to ballot members over industrial action on pay. The government’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review was less harsh on further education funding than had been predicted and we believe that there is money available in colleges to pay college staff what they deserve.

College staff have picked up the extra work and cuts, redundancies and reorganisations have taken their toll on pay and morale, but the employers aren’t offering anything in return.

UNISON is working with our sister union UCU (which is also in dispute), and other unions to seek to get an improved offer.

Still time for colleges to make a better offer

There is still time for colleges to make a better offer. That’s why we are calling on the further education national employers’ organisation, the Association of Colleges, to come back to the table and reopen national pay negotiations.

Get involved

In order to win a fairer pay deal we need your help. Please:

  • talk to colleagues in your workplace about pay and why no pay rise is unacceptable to you
  • encourage non-members to join UNISON
  • go to your workplace meetings to discuss the pay campaign
  • ask your local UNISON representative how you can get more involved.


Hull City Branch - Cycle of Meetings 2016 (29/01/16)

Get active in UNISON

The branch brings you together with other employees who face common issues in the workplace and enable you to get support from the union, work with your colleagues and make your views felt in UNISON. Get active!

If you are a UNISON rep check out our policies section which sets out some of the Councils policies from grievance and disciplinaries to dignity at work.

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