Get involved with your union

The branch brings you together with other employees who face common issues in the workplace and enable you to get support from the union, work with your colleagues and make your views felt in UNISON.

The Hull branch of UNISON is run by a committee which consists of members elected to take on different roles. The branch holds regular meetings, including an annual general meeting. If you would like to find out more about getting active in UNISON have a look below - then get in contact with your branch.

Branch roles

Stewards, Health & Safety Reps, Workplace contact

Workplace contacts
This is an ideal role for someone who is interested in becoming a steward or safety rep and wants to find out more about what’s involved. Find out more

A UNISON steward is an elected rep who helps organise, recruit and represent members in their workplace. Find out more

Health and Safety reps
A UNISON health and safety rep helps to make sure that people’s jobs and their workplaces do not cause injury or ill-health. Find out more

Branch Officers

Branch Chair
Someone who facilitates branch and committee meetings (some are also senior negotiators).

Branch Secretary
The main contact person with the wider union who handles branch admin (may also be senior negotiators).

Branch Treasurer
Responsible for managing branch finances, including keeping accounts.

Branch Young Members Officer
Advises and helps recruit young members while ensuring their voices have an influence across the union.

Equalities Officers
Work on equal rights issues including sex, race, disability and lesbian and gay issues (there may be up to four per branch).

Branch Education Co-ordinator
Helps arrange training courses and education programmes for members, stewards, health and safety reps and branch officers.

Branch Communications Officers
Co-ordinates branch newsletters, websites and other media.

Branch International Officers
Develop and lead on international solidarity activities including campaigns, twinnings and support for projects abroad.

Retired Members Officer
Supports UNISON retired members by campaigning on their behalf and organising local activities.

APF Political Officer
Liases with the local Labour Party and makes sure the views of UNISON members who pay the APF levy are heard.

Essential material for activists

Stewards Handbook, UNISON Rulebook & Code of Good Practice

Stewards Handbook pdf logo Essential advice for UNISON stewards

UNISON Rulebookpdf logo Any questions about the rules of the union - you'll find them here!

Helping and recruiting members

Helping members

When UNISON members face problems at work, the first person they should turn to is their UNISON steward. Being confident about how you advise the member is a critical first stage. Having a Case Form at hand to help the member record all the aspects of the problem shows that you have an efficient approach. Knowing how to advise the member - what should be done - comes next. Find out more...

Working with the employer

UNISON branches and stewards have always got involved in local bargaining, but now they are concerned with a far wider range of issues than a few years ago. Privatisation, contracting out and employers' policies mean that much more is dealt with at local level. Find out more...

Recruiting members

One of the most vital jobs of a steward is to recruit new members. Organised workplaces with a high density of union membership means UNISON will have much greater influence with local management and with employers.

Members will have a stronger sense of confidence and ability to change things, together with much higher chances of winning recognition in non-recognised workplaces.

Go on - get active in UNISON

Want to meet new people, learn new skills and go places?

Be active in UNISON and you'll get a lot more out of your union. Getting involved means:

  • Helping make a difference
  • Getting together with work friends and colleagues and meeting new people
  • Doing things you usually couldn't or wouldn't do alone
  • New opportunities for education, training and personal development
  • Helping yourself and improving your life at work, home and the wider world
  • Having fun and doing something you enjoy

Different ways to get involved

Different people participate in different ways. Try getting involved in:

  • A local, national or international campaign
  • The work of the UNISON job group connected with your employment

Having an equal say

Different groups of members meet together under the UNISON umbrella. These groups:

  • Ensure the union reflects particular experiences
  • Enable members with common interests to come together on an equal basis to work on key issues affecting them.